The Food and drug industry is a multi- billion dollar industry which makes food and drug administration one of the most vital sectors of the social system of most countries. The sector accounts for a significant share of the gross national product of many countries. This cannot be divorced from the fact that the combined socio-economic importance of food and drug as the essential and the most indispensable  commodities  of human consumption  accounts for over 25% of consumer spending. 



Le   Nigeria est  un   pays  béni   avec  abondance naturelle et  des  ressources  qui comprend les   combustibles minéraux et de  roches/pierres  ressourcés qui  vont de pierres précieuses telles que   l’aigue-marine, tourmaline, émeraude, saphir, grenat, rubis, topaze, améthyste, et  le zircon ;  a  l’or  conduisissent/ zinc,   minéral  de   fer, charbon, sables  bitumineux et  plus, qui  s’étendent sur  le pays, cela ne tient pas énorme du pays conventionnelle de  pétrole et de  gaz.




The world over, the relevance of the power sector in the overall development and sustenance of the economy of any nation cannot be overemphasized. In Nigeria today, the daunting challenge of getting it right in the electricity sector is no longer news. Successive regimes have continued to make the power sector an area of concern and to tackle.




Competition law also known as antitrust law in the United States refers to those laws which promote   or   maintain   market   competition   by   regulating   anti-competitive   conduct   by companies. Antitrust results from the ‘trusts’ or cartels which existed in the United States in the 19th Century and which controlled the railroads, telephone and chemical industries.




Banking Institutions occupy a central position in the financial system of any economy. Banks act as intermediaries for efficient transfer of resources from surplus to deficit units. For banks to be able to perform efficiently and contribute meaningfully to the development of the economy, the industry must be safe and sound. One of the foundations of this is strong and vibrant  ownership  and  shareholding structure of banks.  Historically, shareholding in the Nigerian banking sector is relatively recent.


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