Date: 30 - 31 October, 2017

Venue: Lagos

Course Objective
In today’s knowledge driven economy, intellectual property rights (IPRs) play an important role in all spheres of human endeavour and constitute the means by which owners can derive benefits from their intellectual investments. It is also a potent development tool for any country if properly utilized. This training offers participants a broad understanding of a wide range of IP subjects and current issues in order to inspire a better understanding and application of IP norms for development in the interest of both the public and private sector. The course seeks to:
•    Provide understanding on the legal principles and conceptual issues relating to intellectual property rights;
•    Create awareness on the importance of IP to all stakeholders in both the public and private sectors of the economy;
•    Build capacity and deepen knowledge of IP by providing a primer or synopsis of IP in national development: 
•    Examine principles and best practices in the exploitation and management of IP in brands, content, innovation and other forms of creative enterprise generally and in the context of digital environment.

Selected Themes to be covered during the Training
IP: General Concepts & Legal Framework, Administration and Enforcement, Copyright, Patents, Trademarks, IP and Traditional Knowledge, International IP Law & Governance, Role of IP in National Development: General & Nigerian Perspective, IP and Technology: Issues and Concerns, IP Law and Policy for Development.

Target Participants
IP practitioners, managers, administrators, entrepreneurs the public and private sectors, and includes: IP policy makers and regulators, law officers/legal advisers, lawyers, members of the academia, entertainment and creative industry, media practitioners.

Fees, Payment and Contact Details
Course Fee: N120, 000 (One hundred Twenty thousand naira only) covering course materials, tea and lunch.
Venue: Ayo Ajomo Auditorium, NIALS, University of Lagos Campus, Akoka, Lagos State.

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