The workshop on Regulatory and Compliance regime course which is one of the Institutes regular courses

took place on the 7th to 9th of October, 2019 at Rock View Hotel Abuja.

The Director General, Professor M .T. Ladan during the opening ceremony noted that regulators owe it to consumers to enlighten relevant organisations on the importance of compliance and the implications for non-compliance.  He also pointed out the challenges that compliance rules pose and the fact that compliance can be costly both from an infrastructure and personnel standpoint, it is therefore imperative to constantly open and expand the frontiers of discussions on the issue for the sake of public safety, national security, public health and to enhance quality assurance.

The topics discussed at the workshop are developing and drafting internal compliance policies and standard operating procedures; Regulating the business environment: ethics and conflict of interest; Compliance issues in regulation of GMO’s in Nigeria; Regulating Framework and Compliance Strategies in the Power Sector; Regulatory Compliance in Food & Agricultural sector: Legal obligations  & Challenges; Understanding Regulatory Regimes in Nigeria; Compliance in the gaming industry in Nigeria; Compliance procedures in the Nigerian  Aviation sector; Personal and Vicarious Liability for Non-Compliance; Safeguards against Corruption and Money Laundering in a Regulatory Environment; The Advent of Regulatory Technology & Implications for the Banking Sector; Powers, Duties and Liabilities of the Regulator (using the Nigeria n Communications Commission (NCC) as a model) etc and were facilitated by renowned regulatory experts and those who have made their mark in the regulatory and compliance industries such as Prof Adedeji Adekunle SAN, Dr Rufus Egbeba (DG National Biosafety Management Agency), Dr Sam Amadi (Fmr Chairman of Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission), Dr Hilal , Mr. Gwa Tobbie Mohammed (Certified Regulatory Specialist  (NCC) Dr. Tehemen Adzenge  (BPE), Dr Christian Imy Erhabor(Deputy Director, Federal Ministry of Aviation,); Dr Habilla Ardzard (Senior Research Fellow NIALS); Dr. Chinenye Joy Mgbeokwere; Mr Tanko Asang and Mrs  Jane Ezirigwe, a research fellow with the Institute.

The course recordedds twenty three (23) participants from both Regulatory and Compliance Institutions such as NESREA, ICPC, Banks, Motgage Institutions, Academic institutions, health institutions and Examination bodies.