NIALS trains Judicial Officers, prosecutors and Defence lawyers in the South Eastern Geo-political zone

on Administration of Criminal Justice Act (2015) at Blue Island Hotels and Suites, Enugu State. Date: 11th -12th December, 2018.

In view of the pivotal role of the judiciary, defence lawyers and prosecutors in the prosecution of offenders and administration of Justice, the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) with the support of the MacArthur Foundation organised a two day workshop. The aim of the Workshop was to interact with the Judicial officers and legal prosecutors on the challenges; successes if any recorded so far in the implementation of the provisions of the ACJA.

The two day workshop which held on the 11th and 12th of December, 2018 took place at the Blue Island Hotels and Suites and had in attendance the DG of NIALS, representative of the Hon. Attorney General of Enugu State, Hon. Justices of Courts, Magistrates, Solicitor Generals and Directors of Prosecution (DPP) of Enugu, Imo and Abia States, Members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) (Southeastern Chapters) as well as defence and prosecution counsel from the Ministry of Justices’ of the Southeastern states.

The Training was facilitated by criminal Justice experts such the DG of NIALS Professor Adedeji Adekunle SAN, Mr Obi Okafor, SAN, Mr Ukwewemi Mba SAN, Mr Anene Ojinta (NBA Chairman Enugu State), Mr. Paul Ugwueze (DPP Enugu State Ministry of Justice) and  ,Dr Ibe Okegbe Ifakandu, a senior Research Fellow with NIALS.

They addressed the following topics: Overview of the ACJA legislation 2015, Arrest, Remand, Bail Proceedings and the Rights of Detainees, Prosecutorial Responsibilities under the ACJA, Interlocutory Applications, Adjournments and Timelines under the ACJA, Disclosure Protocols under ACJA, Forfeiture and Seizure of Assets under the ACJA.

The second day of the training workshop comprised of the technical session where the participants were tested on their understanding of the act were tested. Generally, participants showed great interest in the implementation and compliance with the Act.