Venue: National Judicial Institute

The NIALS/MacArthur project aimed at the Implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) 2015 is to be executed among other things, through development of curriculums for the training of Judicial officers, Prosecuting counsel and Defence lawyers.

Following the Completion of the curriculum, NIALS in collaboration with the National Judicial Institute is currently training Judicial Officers. The workshop is which is a two-day intensive training amongst other areas will touch on Disclosure Protocols, Limits and the Interest of Defence under the ACJA 2015 and Practice Direction and Effective plea Bargain & corporate criminal liability in the Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria. It will also focus on how the ACJA 2015 impacts corruption proceedings, Case management in Anti-corruption cases under the ACJA  and the need to develop institutional mechanism for Day to day trial under the ACJA (2015).