NIALS in collaboration with the Union Bank Training Academy organised a bespoke

Course on Legal Writing Skills for staff of Union Bank PLC (UBN). The Course on Legal Writing Skills for Lawyers is one of the Institute’s regular continuing legal education courses. The Course is designed to impart and sharpen lawyers with practical legal writing and communication skills.  The Course was tailor-made to hone the drafting skills of UBN Staff in applying the rules of legal writing and drafting to modern day banking requirements.

Remarks were made by Mr Nurudeen of the UBN Training Academy and Mr Sesan Sobowale, the Head of Legal UBN.  The Director of Studies, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS) Professor Animi Awah delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the Director-General, Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Professor Adedeji Adekunle, SAN. In her statement, she mentioned that the NIALS faculty will try to meet the needs of participants and urged participants to ask questions to throw more light on issues that relate with their various schedules. She mentioned that discussions by facilitators during the Course will reflect current laws and materials on the Subject.

The Course held for two days at the Union Bank Plc Training Centre, Plot 16 Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State. The course was jointly declared open by the Head of Training, Union Bank and by the Director-General, NIALS, Professor Adedeji Adekunle SAN, ably represented by the Director of Studies, NIALS, Professor Animi Esther Awah.

The Course comprised paper presentations interspersed with interactive discussions, and practical exercises. The faculty included:
a)    Prof Animi Awah – Construing and Interpreting Legal Documents
b)    Mr. Castro Nwabuzor – Legal Writing and Information Technology
c)    Mr. Okay Agu – Mastering the Art of Persuasion in Drafting Legal Processes
d)    Nechi Ezeako – Hallmarks of Good Legal Opinions
e)    Mr. A. Ayodeji – Principles of Clear Writing
f)    Mr. Alex Muoka – Tips for Effective Brief Writing
g)    Mrs Chinenye Oragwu – Boilerplate Clauses in Contractual Documents
There were lively discussions by participants regarding the paper presentations. The practical exercises were administered by Dr. Irekpitan Okukpon and Mrs. Damilola Sawyerr.

A summary of the feedbacks received from the 27 participants that were trained include:
a)    The Course rating: very good/ very adequate
b)    Rating of presentations: very good/very adequate
c)    Rating of Course coordination: excellently coordinated
d)    View of Course time table: rightly spaced
e)    View of time allotted to each presentation: adequate
f)    Comments on Course duration: satisfactory, very okay, precise, very adequate
g)    Topics that best appealed to participants: principles of clear writing, hallmarks of good legal opinions, boilerplate clauses in contractual documents
h)    Topics to be included in the future: effective litigation management by in-house counsel, ADR mechanisms.

The course was co-ordinated by Castro Nwabuzor, Coordinator, Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CCLE) and Mrs. Damilola Sawyerr, Research Fellow, NIALS.